Brothers Barber Shop

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  1. Took my husband there second time . They do a great job and fast they sure are. After 50 years of doing my husband’s hair cuts they do the same work. Great job
  2. I don’t think the barber understood what I wanted.🤔 I asked for a number 2 on the sides and a number 3 on top. And the final results was i didn’t get what I wanted. 😏
  3. BEWARE the tall lady wayy in the back. Asked for a medium fade. And that women went all the way to the top of my head . basically long to comb on top and No fade on the sides just a zero.smh Ladies towards the front are decent. You get what u pay for .
  4. Rick & the other barbers are awesome & skilled!!! Marissa is my 10yr old sons favorite for some years now. So if you have kids, they have someone who’s great with them. Brothers barber shop is the only place I go to get my hair cut!
  5. They’re Friendly, good hair cuts at a fair price.