Classic Homestead Barber

Recent Comments Classic Homestead Barber:
  1. An old school barber. Right place for those seek no-frill haircuts. He takes his own time but does a fair job. Also he likes a light banter.
  2. Weirdest barber experience I have ever had in my life.
  3. Really love Larry. He’s a very chill guy and the small talk also keeps you entertained. Amazing at banter, there hardly a full.mlment with him.
  4. Love this place. Been customer here for about 2 years now. Classic cut and the owners really take pride on cutting hair. This is my only go to place when I get my hair done. It is affordable and the barbers are highly skilled and friendly owners.
  5. I specifically told Ming to cut only the mullet and a bit off my bangs, but instead he cut my sides and I argued with him to leave it but he insisted that it HAS to be that way. I was looking forward to getting it styled, looks like I have to wait longer. Do NOT go here