Cumberland Plaza Shopping Center

Recent Comments Cumberland Plaza Shopping Center:

1. How does one review a shopping plaza…hmmm…ample parking, and key stores like grocery (Seabra), a CVS, a hardware store (DePault), and a pet store (Rumford, I think), along with a few others, and a Citizens bank ATM drive through. Oh, and a BBQ restaurant (Gotta Q).

2. They took my old car from the junk yard to the fast lane. With the prices an availability use used cars today, it was money well spent! Great to find honest and talented mechanics!

3. Great place to stock up on my favorite portuguese foods. The price of the sumol here is the best in the area.

4. Has a few shops: hardware store, grocery market, pharmacy, pets store, bbq restaurant. Had been in all of them and people is very helpfull and friendly.

5. Went to Rumford pet. Nice place, nice people. Washed my dog at their baths. Excellant

6. Had a good meat and chicken selection!!….plus seafood…had some good deals

7. Yeah everyone’s nice they are however the prices are a bit much especially on Staples like bread milk … The meat has a lot to be desired given the pricing you can go to Dave’s and get a better cut

8. really nice one clean and products looks really good, why attleboro store not good like this one? ? 🤔

9. I absolutely love going here! Food is always fresh and delicious, a little on the pricey side but worth every penny! Awesome staff and awesome cashiers! Store is always clean and navigation thru the store is easy! Never have any problems!

10. There’s a nice variety of menu items and prices are reasonable.