Five Forks Shopping Center

Recent Comments Five Forks Shopping Center:

1. Best BLT in the upstate. We will not eat onion rings anywhere else. We have been eating here since the restaurant opened, always good. Love George.

2. Amazing place to go shopping get a bite to eat just walk around on a Sunday afternoon.

3. Variety of Stores and Restaurants. Enjoy visiting there. Hard to get in and out of the Shopping Center. But that’s because of the vicinity of Woodruff Rd. And Construction. I love Earthwise for your pets. Great customer service. Selections also are worth the visits.

4. Lowe’s Grocery is amazing!!! (This comes from a Wegmans shopper) from the craft brews offered inside, to the specialty made sausages, bakery, subs and meals to go , to the usual groceries, atmosphere, this place is awesome!!!

5. Prices are high, but still better than regular stores

6. Very convenient shopping

7. Ate one thing and one thing only : can you say HUSHPUPPIES! Absolutely delicious and terrible for you but worth every penny. I heard that you can’t call yourself a local until you eat there. Go give em a try, especially the HUSHPUPPIES!

8. Had a blast with my wife ! FIRST TIMERS…. Thank you

9. Best selection of stores for every need. Groceries, Lowes, breakfast, Maple Street, exercise, Barre3, lunch, Tropical Smoothie, coffee, Starbucks and ALCOHOL, HARVARD’S LIQUOR! No need to fight traffic into town any further.

10. Line were to long and not enough register were open need to be more organized