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  1. I went to get a taper haircut with a line on it, and I was shocked that the price is now $40! That’s just insanely expensive for this side of town! I mean, it’s a dirty place in the southeast, only 3–4 years ago it was $15-20, for the same haircut. I have been going there for 7 years, since 2015, and I am not happy with such a huge price increase! Before the pandemic it was $20-25, and in less than 2 years they have gone to $40! Not to mention that they don’t even have the updated prices posted on the wall! Honestly, $40 is too much for a haircut that takes 20-30 minutes. I mean, it’s not rocket science. I also really dislike the loud rap music that constantly plays! Not all of us like 90s rap music, or at least lower it a little. i will find a new place!
  2. Went in for a mid fade came out with high fade. Ask not to be lined up ending up being lined and not even. I prefer catch a fade barbershop over this. The place smelled like stoogies
  3. Really good chill shop showed a picture of what I wanted and some personal changes and it came out really nice …I very picky so the fact that I liked it is awesome I wil
  4. I got my 4 boys that go get a haircut there. My honey and 3kids. In order for me to drop so much money the place gotta be good. This place is beyond good. They are pretty cool people and patient. Atmosphere is welcoming. Cool music, clean nice set up. Ever since I came in here I don’t allow my boys to go anywhere else
  5. Very polite and professional. They give you what you ask for and nothing less. I went to get my haircut for the first time at that shop and like all other men I was scared but these guys know what they are doing and they give you a very good end result. By the way these guys are organized and there wasn’t a long wait.