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1: We lucked into going and meeting Todd. My 15 year old daughter wanted her nose pierced and they was the first ones to say they would do it. He kept her calm and was joking around with us the whole time. He explained to us what he was doing and after care of the nose ring.

2: Hannah is amazing. Great group of people who always have interesting conversation. They treat you like you are a part of their clan almost instantly. Great prices. Cannot say enough about how good this tattoo shop is.

3: Got my nose pierced with Todd today… he made it super fast, fun, and easy! Tons of laughs! Will be back for more!

4: Great shop! Excellent artists. Would totally recommend getting your work done here. Drew did tattoos for my friend Marky and myself. The end result was amazing! Def check them out!

5: Everyone there was great. We lost a dog and they worked us in the same day. Hannah was amazing