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  1. I love my nails, but I feel like they were over priced. They charged me 60. I usually pay between 35-45 for a french tip. I don’t think I will be back.
  2. I took my mom out for her birthday for a mani/pedi. We picked the 50$ pedi package and when I went to pay they charged me 230. I’ve never paid that much for a mani pedi before. They didn’t even cut our cuticles or clean our hands before putting polish on. On top of that the lines weren’t even and I had powder stuck under my nails.
  3. They were very unprofessional and were unwilling to make the changes to my nails. I felt rushed and hurried because I was not a regular.
  4. Have not been to a nail salon since covid started and this was the first place I wanted my mother in law and myself to try. Salon is pretty and clean. Our nails came out nice but the service felt very rushed and they could have spent more time cleaning nails with months of overgrown skin
  5. Workers are nice. Got my daughter (4yo) a pedicure and she loved it. Got her message and they asked me what to do and not to do. I got powder coffin nails and they came out great. Took there time and did a good job. Would recommend an appointment.