Pad Thai Restaurant und Take Away

Recent Comments Pad Thai Restaurant und Take Away:

1: A great deal if on a budget, they have got a really cheap takeaway menu for 13€, eat-in is 18, otherwise the average price of a meal is around 23, you can get a tap water for 1 franc. The food will certainly not disappoint, you get a tiny soup if you order the lunch menu. Recommended.

2: One of the best thai food places in all of Switzerland! The food is very authentic, the portions are large and, most importantly, the food is delicious. The staff was also very friendly and charming. If you are looking for authentic and tasty Thai food, you need to visit Pad Thai Restaurant. It won’t disappoint!

3: Excellent red and green curry dishes, friendly owners. Outdoor table service is now available. One of out favorite small Thai places.

4: Super expenssive and the food taste so bad! This is the worst thai food that I ever had… Please avoid this at your all cost..

5: the best Thai restaurant EVER