Real Super Fades

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  1. Love this place. Been coming here for a while now. Josh is my favorite so far. He leaves my boy looking fresh.
  2. I love this place, my husband and kids always come out looking great . Thanks real super fades
  3. Shout out to iceman who knows how to really Super Fade!
  4. If you’re not Mexican don’t go here. They act like they don’t know what your talking about. Their fade game is below par. For them to be “certified” barber’s their hair cuts are mediocre . Not too friendly if you’re not Mexican. Not calling them rascist but if you’re not Mexican you might wanna go somewhere else.
  5. Didn’t know what to expect here until I walked in and saw a kid who just got a fresh cut. As soon as I saw how good the fade was, I was ready to wait for my turn. Was not disappointed. If I lived in this area this would be my new spot.