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1:I’ve been to Roast a handful of times and it’s safe to say that I was a regular at this establishment last summer, only because the boneless half chicken is something i’ve never come across before. The food was consistently good and the half chicken tastes exceptional as the tender squashed chicken exploded with flavour. My only concern is why they don’t accept card in a time when we are transitioning into a cashless society, a man had to bop to the end of the road because the nearest ATM was located there but it’s calm because moretime I came prepared anyway. But at the end of the day I can understand because the tax man has his hand out 24s and these man probably don’t wanna get clocked. To conclude, considering how much I’ve invested and how many man I brought there I’ll give these bruddas 4 stars and not 5 because I felt like my custom wasn’t being respected when I last went there and with how I felt after my last visit i’m surprised I didn’t give a 1 or 2, but other than that a nice place to get munch from.

2:If your looking for straight cut thin donner the this is the place. It’s a little pricey but very much worth the food and quality in this place. I have a medium donner and chips and came with a thing flat bread as a side and steak chips. Enjoyed it a lot.

3:Used to be pretty decent but had food yesterday and it’s gone downhill. Those steak cut chips are so dry, especially when not fried properly. And the chops were AWFUL. Overcooked and no seasoning or marinade- tasted so plain and dead.

4:Allhamduliah such a great place for food. I have only had 2 items. One was the lamb chops which were so succellent and juicy. Cooked to perfection. I also had the wagyu ribs which has to be the best meat I’ve tasted. I would recommend the ribs due to how tasty and full of flavour they were.

5:I came here a little while back and didn’t review it at the time to give them a chance to get more stars out of me. I thought if I calm down then maybe I’d be nicer. But the more time I’ve had to think about reviewing makes me stick to my original review. I can’t believe how over-rates this place is. This place was picked by one of my mates, and another agreed. We made a phone order to shorten the waiting time when we get there. Food was ready but they made a mistake with the drinks. After correcting them with the order, they decided to charge us more for the original drinks we ordered, then indirectly told us to get out the shop… murmuring under his breath. It was disgusting behaviour. After going back to the car, I opened my food box and was surprised to see what they charged me for. There was no presentation, no patients and no passion behind making the food. I wouldn’t go back there even if they offered the food to me for free!