Rushmore Crossing

Recent Comments Rushmore Crossing:

1. This place always seems to be really busy when I’m in the area, with a lot of traffic which requires varying amounts of patience to navigate. However, there is a very large selection of shops and restaurants, so on a nice day, grab your walking shoes and it’d be a nice area to just park once and walk everywhere else.

2. Rushmore Crossing has a variety of shops and eating places. Traffic is a little crazy sometimes, but worth it if you need something. Perfect location.

3. I always get some fabulous deals on quality items. My favorite spot is the children’s clothing department and gourmet food section.

4. This is honestly one of the most poorly designed shopping centers I have ever been to. There isn’t a single store that’s a pleasant experience visiting. I don’t mean the interior of those stores, I mean actually navigating to those

5. Great shopping area, they need to fix the roads around this area.

6. Pretty good some great shops to check out

7. I never go there I never eat there I pick up their Wi-Fi but you have to know the Wi-Fi pass I go shopping at Dollar tree

8. Fun to check out Target. Hadn’t been there in years. Really cute clothes and lots of great sales.

9. Great place to spend the afternoon excellent places to eat good places to shop lots of variety definitely recommend coming here for most any of your shopping needs there’s even a pet store Dollar Store cell phone stores a Sam’s Club all kinds of places to shop for your favorite things

10. Crazy busy with alot of backed up traffic and no way out. Parking design is a fail