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  1. Single mom always looking for a Good and talented barbers and here they are. No hassle the price is right and the cut is clean! No uneven cuts on my son! If your looking to find a day thats not busy i find the middle of the week is the best time. You can always call and set up appointments as well
  2. The barber continually forgot to cut and balance out the sides of my head. Needed to remind him. After I left, there were still things that wasn’t cut correctly the hair I’d like to.
  3. Here are some before and after pictures! This was his first haircut in 14 years!!! 5 stars all the way!!! The staff is a young friendly place, mainly dudes and everyone was super nice!!
  4. Definitely going to come back again! Anthony was very professional and did a great job with my haircut. Only took 30 minutes for him to freshen me up. I am not disappointed! Cheap, fast, and superb haircuts.
  5. Good vibes pj is a cool funny person he’s always in a good mood taking care of his clients. Definitely coming back lee is a good barber..