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1. Best tattoo shop in Erie hands down. There are so many artists and styles that you will be satisfied with whatever you want. Not to mention there are two locations.

2. These folks are great. Went and ask our artist to take my company logo, and give me his interpretation of it. I couldn’t be more pleased with the work. Ohh yeah, my partner in crime and one day wife, she got the company logo too. I love

3. It’s one of the very best shops in Erie. Friendly all around artists. Very fair pricing. I’ve gotten three tattoos from there now. I only recommend Wayward to people.

4. Got my first tattoo done here by Luke in summer of 2017 after being recommended him and he was very patient with me and totally chill about everything. Went back in December of 2018 for 2 more and was again a great experience with him.

5. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
I just had my first tattoo done today by Eric. He was extremely professional, was very clear with what I should expect, made sure I was clear on follow up care and made the overall experience a great one.

6. My Fraternity brother introduced me to Will at Wayward Tattoo when I decided to get my first tattoo. I’ve now had three tattoos done by Will and am ready to get a fourth. Will is awesome to sit and talk with while he works and is just an

7. Got my first Tattoo here today, let me tell you they do amazing work!! Very friendly and they’re professional when it comes to working with you on making your piece come together perfectly! I’ll definitely be a returning customer for my other pieces to get done!! Thank you Wayward and your awesome staff!!

8. My sister got her first tattoo here about a week ago. The tattoo artist did a great job. The place was very clean, the crew was cool, also the first tattoo shop that makes fresh coffee for customers. There’s also different books for every artist work which made it easier to get a feel for their different styles.

9. Got a tattoo done by Luke! Definitely in love with it! He did an AMAZING job. He was the first tattoo artist to wrap my tattoo after it was finished and give me a little paper to take care of it. This was my third tattoo and definitely not my last! Thank you so much!

10. Johnny Matters is an amazing artist! The wayward crew is very friendly and inviting in an extremely clean and organized environment. The artist was very professional and did an outstanding job at getting my tattoos exactly how I wanted them. I now have 3 by Johnny and I love each of them! He does truly amazing work!