Wild Honey Frozen Yogurt

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1. Loved this little yogurt place! I got the tart flavor, with lots of fresh fruit. My daughter got strawberry and candy junk. But, she loved it. 🙂 nice seating out in front of the shop. Beautiful day to have fancy frozen yogurt outdoors…

2. This is very good place!!! If you are looking for good ice cream then just come here. Don’t look anywhere else! You can have floats, free color changing spoons and a large variety of flavors and toppings! Like cookie dough, maple walnuts, hot fudge and whipped cream. Variety of vegan options.

3. Such a wonderful place. The gelato was delicious and stuff was friendly.

4. A Disney fan’s dream!

They have Dole Whip and Disney music playing in the shop. The employees are

5. Best froyo in town. Super cute decor, always great Disney music and the owners switch up flavors, toppings and decor based on the seasons & holidays. Always super friendly and clean.

6. First time, loved the design of the store. So many delicious options. Will be back!! Ps pls make a peanut butter flavor. Also the color changing spoons are so cool

7. Amazing and fabulous employees! I highly recommend this place for a a yummy tummy treat! The best mothers day present from my little girl ever!!!! She bought and tipped!!! She is amazing! I couldn’t believe the different options of frozen yogurt and the toppings!!!! So very delicious and a wonderful time!

8. I’m a big fan of frozen yogurt. This place is in a category unique to itself from my experience. It’s not just frozen yogurt but also gelato, custard and an extensive selection of toppings.They go to great length to give you detailed

9. It’s the best in the area, PLUS, they had a low sugar option which was absolutely delicious, a very good thing for people who are watching sugar intake for any reason. If my waistline could handle it, I’d be there twice a day, every day.

10. Cute decoration. Nice atmosphere. Have a variety of ice cream, sauce and toppings. Would definitely come again.